Wiesbaden Christmas Market

The Christmas Tree is being set up today in Wiesbaden!

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Wiesbaden (22)

Wiesbaden Twinkling Star Christmas Market is the BEST little German Christmas Market I’ve been to! Living in Wiesbaden makes me a teensy bit biased, but I am prone to speak my mind, so if it were less than fantastic you would know! Wiesbaden is the wealthy capital of the German state of Hessen. The city overall is clean and quiet with it’s history as a spa resort town. People who have visited us have commented that compared to every city in Europe they have been through, Wiesbaden was their favorite because most locals are very classy and polite, and the area is very well-kempt and safe. It does not have half-timbered houses or the Bavarian charm, but it is a modern, centrally located, small city. I love Wiesbaden.

Wiesbaden (11)

Wiesbaden (16)

The Christmas Market fits in perfectly with the overall feel of the Wiesbaden. Giant lit lotus flowers and smaller strings of lighted moons and stars line the Christmas Market area, which is strewn with…

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