Freiburg Fun

Freiburg is located in Baden-Wurttemberg, a southwestern state in Germany. Freiburg is on the edge of the Black Forest, close to the Alsace, France border.

Freiburg (7)

Freiburg has a rough history. In 1940, it was mistakenly bombed by Germans. Between 1943-1945, it was bombed about 30 more times by the Royal Air Force, due to its strategic location for troops. Carpet bombing (dropping several bombs indiscriminately across an area) was a method utilized during many of these operations. Thousands of bombs fell across Freiburg during WW2, killing many and destroying historical buildings and residential districts as well.

Freiburg (9)

Since WW2, Freiburg, with the rest of Europe, has rebuilt and reestablished itself. Located on the edge of the Black Forest as well as the edge of Alsace France, Freiburg is a great central location for touring the entire region. We stopped in Freiburg for the farmers market and to eat lunch. Really, I think that was all the time we needed in the small city.

Freiburg (10)

Major Freiburg Sites Include:

Freiburg Minster

Freiburg (3)

Freiburg (4)

Canals (Which reminded me of Mittenwald)

Freiburg (2)

Freiburg (6)

Swabian Gate (the large tower that is under construction)

Freiburg (8)

Historical Store-Such a beautifully designed structure!

Freiburg (12)

Freiburg (13)

Old Town Hall, New Town Hall, Martin’s Gate and Breisacher Gate are also sites of interest. These two gates are some of the only surviving historical architecture prior to WW2.

And if you walk along the river or go on a market day, that’s even better!

Freiburg (1)

We tried to go to the Christmas Market this past year, but there was NO parking within a kilometer of the altstadt. If you plan to go to the Christmas Market, plan ahead to be there early or take public transportation.


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