Idstein and a Spring Fest

If you are looking for a short day trip or a nice out-of-the way place to walk around and have dinner, check out Idstein! Located about 15 minutes from Wiesbaden, Idstein has what every quintessential German town does-a “fairytale feel.”

Idstein Germany (2)

The altstadt (old town) area boasts Etichenstein castle with its Hexenturm (witch’s tower). There is a small garden to walk around near the tower.

Idstein Germany (9)

Idstein Germany (13)

Also in the town is Unionskirche church, as well as colorful, timber-framed houses and businesses.

Idstein Germany (5)

Our favorite place to eat (for the atmosphere, not the food) is the Isteiner Brauhaus, also known as the Alten Feuerwache (old fire house) Click HERE to visit their website.

Idstein Germany (12)

Idstein hosts a Frühlingsfest , which is a cute little Spring market boasting local handcrafts and some great market food. It generally takes place at the beginning of April. During the Fruhlingsmarkt, there are some Spring-themed craft booths and family-friendly fire safety information as well. A group of traditionally-costumed men carrying their instruments wander around playing music and drinking beer. There is little need for extra fest décor when the town is already so colorful!

Idstein Germany (8)

Idstein also boasts an annual summer Jazz Festival. Over the course of the weekend, bands from around Germany can be heard here. The stage is set up in the town center, just down the street from the hexenturm. Stroll, eat street food and eis (ice cream), or dance! …Even the houses appear to be dancing!

Idstein Germany (7)

Idstein Germany (4)

Germans have a good sense of humor, evident in the random statues and things around these little towns. I’ve seen this gargoyle in a few different towns, even as far south as Meersburg.

Idstein Germany (11)

Idstein Germany (10)

These two huddle in a fountain-what a beautiful image of the lion and the boy holding on to each other.

Idstein Germany (6)

Idstein is a friendly, quaint little town. Click HERE to go to their city website. Usually, you can find great information about upcoming fests there!

Idstein Germany (1)


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