Michelstadt Easter Market

Michelstadt DE travelinitiative.wordpress.com (2) Easter Markets (Ostermarkten) in Germany are a great way to welcome Spring! Late nights spent wandering through the gluhwein-scented streets of Christmas Markets are long forgotten, and even the confetti in cobblestone cracks and echoing “Hallo” of Fasching are past. Frühling is near, and with it the promise of love and renewal that the Easter season represents. Michelstadt travelinitiative.wordpress.com Most Easter markets have traditional handcrafts represented. Some sell herbs, colorful toys for children, pre-dyed chicken eggs, plastic eggs, and some sort of make-your-own decorative nest and accessories. In order for an Easter Market to be worth my time, I have to ensure that it has a couple of factors: 1. Hand crafted eggs-whether painted, dyed, dipped in wax, beaded, paper machéd, cut out, eggs made of various types of wood, et cetera… If there are not crafters crafting eggs and selling some sort of crafted eggs, it is NOT worth the trip. This is the sole unique factor of an ostermarkt, in my opinion. 2. Eggs must vary in size. I have seen all from a pea-sized egg up to ostrich eggs represented at Easter markets. If the vendors can sit and name all the different types of eggs they sell, that is a plus. Face it: NOT ALL EGGS fit in a standard egg carton and are either chicken or plastic. Michelstadt (113) *Of course, it is a plus if the Ostermarkt is located in a wonderful town tucked in Odenwald, such as Michelstadt. The center of Michelstadt is a large fortification that was built in the 700s. There are various buildings located inside this estate that are unique and charming. The village surrounding it did not spring up until about 1000 years later. Michelstadt travelinitiative.wordpress.com1 Michelstadt DE travelinitiative.wordpress.com (1) Michelstadt DE travelinitiative.wordpress.com (3) Much of the Michelstadt estate appears to be in tact and in the Easter season, is decorated immensely. Michelstadt2 travelinitiative.wordpress.com Michelstadt3 travelinitiative.wordpress.com The Ostermarkt itself is located in an old toy museum, behind my daughter in the photo above. It seemed as though picture taking was discouraged inside, but I managed a few shots. Michelstadt DE travelinitiative.wordpress.com (4) One floor of the museum had caged chickens nearby chicks hatching in an incubator. This was a major highlight for my daughter! Michelstadt DE travelinitiative.wordpress.com (7) Michelstadt DE travelinitiative.wordpress.com (6) The market itself did not take very long, but the village was a nice place to wander, sit and relax on the square, and watch children run around. Michelstadt4 travelinitiative.wordpress.com I can’t believe it is already that time again! Join us for a celebration of Spring! Plan your trip soon! Want more information on the Michelstadt Ostermarkt? Click HERE


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