Black Forest Quick Trip

The Black Forest is a lovely vacation area. Trails, lakes, and mountains make it a perfect recreation spot for families and wanderers. Our Black Forest visit included  Emmendingen, Hochburg, Nimburg, Triberg, the open air museum “Schwarzwald Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbaurenhof” just north of Triberg, and Freiburg. Our hotel was a gasthof in Nimburg-a village that has nothing else in it and is a good location to stay if you are visiting Europapark, a giant theme park near the German-French border. It would have also been a good place to stay to Visit Alsace!. Our visits to Emmendingen! Our visits to Hochburg! Triberg is known for Cuckoo Clocks and a few other wood carved items, as well as a large waterfall in the town. Triberg itself is centered around a V-shaped road with tourist shops on all sides. The Gutach River flows through the middle of the town, but at the point of the V, there is a pay-to-hike trail that dodges around trees and rocks on a steep trail up to the falls. Triberg (3) Besides the numerous tourist shops in Triberg, there are two major cuckoo clock shops that are just outside of the town. These boast a wide variety of styles for every taste and budget, but if you want a traditional mid-size clock that winds and has dancing figures, be prepared to pay a couple hundred euros for it! Triberg (2) A must-try dessert here is Black Forest Cake, a layered chocolate cake with cherry compote and whipped cream. A traditional hat worn in the Black Forest region is called a Bollenhut. It has red pom poms on top of it and is worn by unmarried women. Married women wear a Bollenhut with black pom poms-haha! Triberg has several of these statues with Bollenhut on them throughout the downtown area. Triberg (1) Schwarzwald Freilichtmuseum Vogstbauernhof is an open air traditional farm village living museum. A few people in traditional costumes smile at tourists while animals look on, mostly disinterested. Cher. Black Forest Museum (28) There are a few old traditional-style Black Forest houses to tour as well as an old school house, barn, and shops. This is a great slow-paced accessible family activity. Schwarzwald Museum There is a restaurant inside one of the museum houses. While we were there, I believe they were serving soup and bread for a small fee, but we had eaten at one of the restaurants (not very good) just outside the ticket area. The animals were my daughter’s favorite thing to see. She also enjoyed the small playground. Black Forest Museum Houses While in the Black Forest region, don’t forget to ride the Schwarzwaldbahn railway! The railway offers trips through the scenic region. Cher. Black Forest Museum (3)

Our itinerary: 1 nights, 2 days

Day 1: Vogstbauernhof, Triberg, Hotel in Nimburg

Day 2: Emmendingen, Hochburg, Freiburg

YES we did see this all in that amount of time and did not feel rushed, but I recommend more so that you can take the train and have time for more shopping, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful area!

Black Forest Museum

Check back for my short and sweet Freiburg post!


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