Hochburg Free Hike and Castle Exploration

Hochburg ruins are situated about 30 minutes north of Freiburg, Germany near the friendly village of Emmendingen.

Hochburg (1)

There is free parking for the castle at the dairy farm half way up the hill. From there, you can follow the fussweg sign up through pastures and a field until you get to the castle. There have been renovations this year, but it is still possible to still walk around the castle ruins and the trails around it (for free).

Hochburg (45)

Hochburg (106)

This castle had many similarities to the Turkish castles we have explored: it is free, has a great view of the country, has minimal safety precautions (like ropes and fencing to keep people from falling over the edge), and that exciting feel of exploration climbing into various crevices.

 Hochburg travelinitiative.wordpress.com (2)

Hochburg travelinitiative.wordpress.com (3)

Hochburg travelinitiative.wordpress.com (1)

If you are in Baden-Wurttemberg, check out Hochburg!  Maybe drop by for Hochburg-Fest 6 September 2015!

HochburgFest travelinitiative.wordpress.com


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