Christmas in Alsace

Alsace Christmas Markets were on my list this year! We were able to visit Obernai, Mulhouse, and Colmar on the border of Germany and France.

Like a fairy tale village, Obernai’s timber-framed homes line narrow cobblestone streets. Our lunch stop here was pleasant, complete with authentic Alsatian tarte flambée, which we continued to be delighted with through our trip.  Tarte flambée is kind of like a thin pizza. It consists of dough rolled out very thin with fromage blanc or crème fraîche (white cheese or cream sauce) and toppings-the traditional being ham and onion.

ObernaiChristmasMarkt travelinitiative.wordpress

An afternoon wandering the streets, walking next to the wall and old gate, and looking in the windows of pastry shops was not dampened by the light rain, which fell from a clear blue sky.

 ObernaiChristmas1 travelinitiative.wordpress

Mulhouse’s homes were Christmas-crusted in ornaments and decorations fitted for the season. The city hall was decked out in the red printed fabric of the area, creating a perfect backdrop for the Christmas Market. A holiday gift shop and museum were set up in this 1552 building. The cathedral and other wonderful buildings made Mulhouse a relaxing place to visit.

MulhouseChristmas1 travelinitiative.wordpress

We remembered the rule of saying “Bon jour” when we entered a building or looked at wares, and “au revior” upon leaving. “Se il vous plait” if we need something and “Merci” if someone was helpful. French are friendliest to those who are polite!

MulhouseCathedralChristmas travelinitiative.wordpress

We decided against going to Mulhouse’s Cité de l’Automobile, a private Museum featuring an impressive collection of Bugattis. Drinking vin chaud and snacking on another tarte flambée, we headed toward Colmar for the most anticipated Christmas Market yet!

Colmar ChristmasMarket (124)

Stepping into Colmar was like walking through a gingerbread house village. I still cannot get enough of the colorful timber-framed houses, even though it is a common style for the area.

Colmar1 travelinitiative.wordpress

Colmar was crowded-I got the feeling that it always is. Fun fact: Auguste Batholdi, the creator of the Statue of Liberty, was born here. There were several markets set up throughout the town, each charming in it’s own way!


“Little Venice” was a beautiful evening walk. I can only imagine it during the summer!

ColmarChristmas1 travelinitiative.wordpress

Spending Christmas is Alsace was romantic, lovely, beautiful, and magical! I would love to return for a warm weather visit! Want more information on visiting Colmar?

Colmar ChristmasMarket (22)


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