Emmendingen: Spring and Christmas

Emmendingen is a charming village on the German side of the French-German border. This Spring, we visited several Black Forest highlights, and we returned on our way home from Christmas Markets in Alsace, France. The locals in Emmendingen proved friendly and the area was very family-friendly.

In the Spring, we enjoyed the large park. Families gathered around the duck and fish-filled pond and playground areas, while readers enjoyed the unusual-shaped reclining benches. A large flower garden in a raised bed was surrounded by vine-covered trellises.

Emmendingen Gardens

A few canals run through Emmendingen.

Emmendingen Christmas Market (52)

Not too simple and not too detailed, the buildings are a perfect mix of modern and traditional architecture.

 Emmendingen, Germany Spring

Emmendingen Christmas Market (73)

Our lunch stop at Emotion was modern, pleasant, and yummy. The staff were friendly and all-too-ready to practice their English on us!

Emmendingen Christmas Market Restaurant

The Christmas Market was small and quaint, but had all of the basics, including an ice skating rink.

  Emmendingen Christmas Market (117)

Decorations throughout the downtown area did not match this photography studio’s set up, complete with a snow machine (daughter’s favorite!)

Emmendingen Christmas Market (108)sm

Christmas windows were sponsored by various organizations and displayed Christmas and Grimm’s Fairy Tale themes!

Emmendingen Christmas Windows - Copy

My personal favorite thing about Emmendingen during Christmas time was the symbolic lamb dressed as an angel. There were several in shop windows throughout the town.

Emmendingen Christmas Market (154)

No matter when you visit Emmendingen, I hope you have as pleasant of a visit as we have had during our trips!

   Emmendingen Christmas Market (8)   Emmendingen, Germany Spring

While at Emmendingen, make sure to take the few minute drive up to the sprawling free ruins of Hochburg Castle.


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