Salzburg-Sound of Music Sites

Salzburg is the stage of the infamous movie The Sound of Music. Want to see them all in a day? Take one of the Sound of Music bus tours! When baby girl and I did our Austrian tour, we took a standard Big Bus city tour that included sites from the Sound of Music. The second time in Salzburg, we decided to find the sites without help-and it was fantastic for a family on a budget! First, we created our itinerary by researching tour routes and using not only the official Salzburg city website, but also to find out what else is around the area that we may not have considered.  We do that everywhere we go because it gives us a well-rounded view of the location. A night before going to Salzburg, we watch The Sound of Music. (Then, of course, while we are there or as soon as we return so the sites are fresh in our minds.)

Sound of Music film sites in Salzburg include:

Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains, (Not walking distance from downtown, so plan accordingly)

SchlossHellbrunn travelinitiative.wordpress

Sound of Music Pavillion (Gazebo) in Schloss Hellbrunn Gardens,

 Mom's Trip Salzburg (692)

Mirabell Palace Gardens in downtown Salzburg,

Salzburg (1)

Salzburg (12)

Salzburg (18)

Dwarf Garden,

Dwarf Garden Salzburg

Leopoldskron Palace-used for the backyard pond scenes,

Mom's Trip Salzburg (492)-001

Nonnberg Abbey with the red spire (Only the outside courtyard was shown in the movie-the wedding scene was filmed in a different place),

Salzburg (7)

St. Peter’s Cemetery,

St Peters Cemetery

Frohnburg Palace,

Residenz Square and Fountain,

Salzburg (9)

Salzburg (6)

Salzburg Castle,

Salzburg (3)

Mozart Bridge,

Salzburg (15)

and Alpine peaks.

Of course, there is much more to see and do in and around Salzburg

such as Mozart’s Birth House. (Want to see Mozart’s House in Vienna?)


Go and see for yourself! The hills are alive…


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