4th Rhine River Cruise-Oberwesel

     First, read my first post regarding my first 3 Rhine River Cruises!

After having gone on the previous expeditions, I was excited to go with my mom! This time, we stopped at Oberwesel and Bacharach! It was windy, but we still had a memorable journey.

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We ate on the boat, which was again delicious! We learned from our last trip that you need to stand by the door of the boat when your stop is next. And if you have to go to the bathroom at all, make sure it is NOT at the end of the cruise. They may leave the last port to go dock while you are still going potty. It happened to our friends when they visited. It was a great HAHAHA experience! ANYWAY, we were VERY pleased with our requested stop: Oberwesel.

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Oberwesel is a cute, quaint, and not touristy. A large playground was near the dock, so we let our daughter play on it for a few minutes when we first arrived.

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We walked into the town and were able to climb up into a little tower.

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Across the street, we meandered through a small graveyard in the yard of a church.

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A castle perched above us, but we were unable to hike this time. The town center featured a lovely bakery and eis (ice cream) shop, as well as a handful of restaurants with outdoor seating on the square.


A sign saying lighthouse pointed down an ally, but we didn’t have the opportunity to pursue that either!

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We did, however, find a narrow staircase to climb up the city wall, where there was a lovely walking path between the town and the river.

Oberwesel 2

I highly recommend Oberwesel as a stop on your Rhine River experience!

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