Back to Vienna! (Apparently, it’s not Now or Never)

Vienna’s slogan is “It’s Now or Never.” Last time we were in Vienna (in north east Austria), I took this phrase seriously. I HAD to do everything possible because if I didn’t at that time, I would never again be afforded the opportunity. So when I returned after only 6 months, it was a special treat! Here was another chance to be engrossed in the ornate architecture, famed music, and personality of such a historically important city.

Vienna travelinitiative.wordpress

Vienna Rathaus and Parliament Building

This time, we stayed in a rented apartment just a mile from the Opera House. If you would like to read about our previous journeys, here are my 3 (yes, that is THREE) posts:

Vienna-Now or Never-Part 1

Vienna-Now or Never-Part 2

Scnbrunn Palace-Vienna

I am not going to repeat myself, but provide an alternate view on a few things that are specific to this trip.



First, before going any further, I must address the name Vienna. Wien is the local spelling “veen” is how it’s pronounced. The word “Wiener” is pronounced “veen-er” and means Viennese. Do not get this mixed up with Vietnamese from Vietnam or with Venetian from Venice, or the Vatican in Rome. This time, we were able to spend two nights in Vienna.

Hofburg Schloss

Hofburg Schloss

Since we stayed closer to the city center, we had more time to explore. The first evening we were there, we met up with someone for dinner at a pub. One thing I remembered from our first trip is that “toast” as a pub food in Austria is a sort of baguette or thick bread covered in whatever topping is available and toasted (similar to the concept of a French bread pizza). I ordered a bacon, cheese and onion (speck, kase und zweibel) toast and it was just as delicious as I remembered! One thing I appreciated about most places in Austria was that it was ok to order tap water “leitungswasser.” In our area of Germany this is frowned upon and bottled water is way too expensive.

The next day was spent taking in the sites. We made our way into St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephensdom).

St Stephens in Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Wien

While next to Hofburg Schloss, we purchased tickets to a one hour Mozart music concert that included a not only music by a small orchestra, but also some opera and ballet performances. When we attended it that evening, we were all surprised at how small and personal the room was where they were performing. If you have the extra money, go a concert at the famous Opera House. If you want to save a few bucks, one of the smaller concerts will be fine. After all, classical music is what Vienna is known for!

Vienna (3)


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