Chateau de Bouillon, Belgium

We took the northern route home from Paris, and Bouillon was our lunch stop. Chateau de Bouillon, the Bouillon Castle in southeast Belgium did not disappoint! The city center is located along the river. We were able to park and walk along the river and across the bridge, but this was mainly to get a better view of the fortress on the hill above the city.

Bouillon Belgium (7)

Hungry from our journey, we stopped to eat in an expensive little waffle-themed restaurant. When I say waffle-themed, I mean there were old waffle irons utilized throughout the dining room in various ways as décor and functional items. The door handles, sconces, and more were made of single sides of waffle irons. It created a fun and creative way to elevate otherwise kitsch décor. Friendly, accommodating owners prepared us the most delicious chicken dish and, since it was Belgium, we had to order waffles for dessert. I had been to Belgium a couple of times already, so I knew to expect an extra sweet waffle with a dusting of powdered sugar.

  Bouillon Belgium (5)

It was a short drive up to the castle from there (we could have easily walked).  Sadly, upon arrival, we discovered that it was closing time so we could not tour the 8th century medieval castle perched above the city. However, we were still able to see the outside of it.

Bouillon Belgium (65)

What a beautiful place to spend the day and hike around the area!

Bouillon Belgium (50)


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