Mullerthal, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country (998sq.mi.) squished between Germany, France, and Belgium. A great location for outdoor enthusiasts, it boasts several mountainous and wooded trails of varying difficulties for the hiker and biker, and campgrounds for those just wanting to get away from the city. There are about 50 main castles in Luxembourg, with many other palaces and fortresses as well. We chose to go to Echternach (the oldest town in Luxembourg) first for lunch. After this we went to the Mullerthal region, known as “Little Switzerland” because of its landscape. There are several interesting rock formations in the region as well.

Mullerthal Luxembourg (110)

There are several trails in the region to hike and a few castles as well. It took longer to drive there than expected, so we did not make it to the castles. However, we were able to go on a short hike on the Mullerthal trail

Mullerthal Luxembourg (9)down to the Schiessentümpel, a small manmade waterfall.

Mullerthal Luxembourg (59)

Luxembourg is a beautiful country. I recommend that you click on the links above to see more of what it has to offer! There are many things to see and do in Luxembourg even though it is such a small country. I look forward to returning to go camping this summer and rent bikes! I also can’t wait to explore a few of the castles and the capital.





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