Windmills in Zaanse Schans, Holland

Zaanse Schans

we could see them out in the fields and on the canals, but they were few and far between. Zaanse Schans has a grouping of windmills and a little tourist village.

Zaanse Schans

There is a little museum right there as well. It was picturesque and we had the most beautiful blue skies above!

Zaanse Schans Ver

Food stands, gift shops, a cheese factory and more little shops are in the little tourist village. There is a large play area with all sorts of toys and activities for kids as well, which was great for our daughter!

Zaanse Schans

Although the overall feeling of Zaanse Schans was that it was a tourist trap, it was a great experience and I’m glad we went!

Zaanse Schans Truck

We only needed a couple of hours to eat and see everything in Zaanse Schans, then it was on to our next hotel to stay on the way home. We could have easily made it back home from our trip that night, but we chose to stay a night in the middle of Netherlands at Bilderberg Kasteel ‘t Kerckebosch in Zeist. This hotel was formerly an old mansion. It was fun just walking around the inside of the building and the grounds, and the staff were great!

Bilderberg Kasteel

Have you ever eaten at a Pancake House? No, not IHOP…a restaurant where only pancakes are served with varying toppings. We decided to try out a meal at Pannenkoekenhuis Princenhof near our hotel in Zeist and ended up laughing our way through the entire experience. To start off with, we speak NO Dutch and no one spoke ANY English. My phone’s translator app was on the fritz, so we had to piece together words from our knowledge of French and German vocabulary. It took about 30 minutes before we were able to order (partially because we were laughing so much at our inability to understand the menu). Part of the issue was the menu’s font. We could barely tell what the letters were! Ordering the pancakes was a lot like ordering pizza. There were several different toppings-savory and sweet-and of course the standard combinations. I ended up ordering a maple ham and brie pancake, hubby got a salami pancake, and my daughter got an apple pancake.


Netherlands (1319)

This painting: woooow!

There were so many strange things about this restaurant. If you have a chance, get yourself to a Pancake House. We had such an interesting cultural experience!

On our drive back to Germany, we had planned to stop in Aachen, but there was so much construction that we drove to Drielandenpunt in Vaals, Netherlands instead. This is the point where Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands borders meet. There is a tower you can walk up and view the area from above, as well as a labyrinth to walk through to get to the corner point of the countries. Hiking paths are all around-it is a great place for a hike!

Netherlands (1212)

Netherlands is a beautiful country and I can’t wait to go back…maybe for the castles next time?


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