Trier Christmas Market

Trier was high on my list of nearby towns to visit. I heard that their Christmas Market was unique, so on a brisk, sunny day before Christmas we set out to explore it. Trier is known for the Roman ruins that are scattered throughout it. It is also the sight of Apostle Matthias’ grave. In this post, I will only describe the market.

Trier Christmas Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra, Trier

Christmas music casually mingles with the strong smell of mulled wine. Meandering through the festive vendor’s stalls which are selling all of the typical Christmas Market items, the coldness reaches your toes and rushes through your body. You huddle closer in the mass of people and find warmth in the crowd and twinkling holiday lights blanketing the platz.

We began in the plaza by the Steife (above: the white building on the right, below: the white building on the bottom left)

Trier Christmas Market1

Wandering through the festive town toward the main platz in front of the Trier Dom, also known as Cathedral of St. Peter’s (below). It is the oldest Bishop’s Church in Germany.

Trier Christmas Market Dom

Trier Christmas Market2

From the side, Trier’s Dom Cathedral is impressive-it even has a small moat around part of it.

Trier Christmas Market (298)

The Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche) is also located on this plaza, on the right of the Trier Dom. It is said to be one of the oldest Gothic churches in Germany, dating back to 1260…but Marburg’s Elizabethkirche began being built in 1235.

Trier Christmas Market Liebenfrauenkirch

Trier Christmas Market Puppet Show

Basically, there is nothing truly unique about the market itself, but it is still wonderful and festive, stalls of vendors winding through a deeper past. When I go back in the summer, I hope to explore more of Trier, including the Roman baths, bridge and amphitheater!

Trier Christmas Market (281)

Several things in Trier are UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Cathedral of St. Peter, Liebfrauenkirche, and the Roman Ruins. Want to know more about UNESCO World Heritage sites?


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