Wiesbaden Christmas Market Revisited

Last year, we went to several Christmas Markets, but only briefly made it downtown to Wiesbaden’s one evening. This year, I was determined to spend more time there.

Wiesbaden Christmas Market (142)

All of the European Christmas Markets are pretty similar. There are a couple of standouts (Strasbourg, Nuremburg), but all contain a random assortment of stands that vendors may bring out to any festival, decorated for whatever season it happens to be. At one market, I witnessed a vendor putting contact paper on his booth to make it more “Christmas’y.” Pine boughs and strings of lights also decorate the stands. Wiesbaden’s market is everything a rich state capital city’s Christmas Market should be.

Wiesbaden Christmas Market

Giant lighted lotus flowers are all around the market area and ALL of the booths match. Wiesbaden’s Christmas Market, Sternschuppenmarkt gives Christmas Market adventurers a boutique experience. It contains several kiddie rides and a large ferris wheel, as well as an ice skating rink!

Wiesbaden Christmas Market1

Wiesbaden Christmas Market (81)

Of course, all of the delicious Christmas foods and goodies can be found here as well. If you are looking for a low-key, upscale Christmas Market experience, look no further than Wiesbaden’s. It has all of the elements that every other Christmas Market has! The dates for 2014 are 25 November to 23 December.

Wiesbaden Christmas Market2 


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