Rüdesheim Christmas Market

Rüdesheim am Rhein is located on the Rhine River, an hour west of Frankfurt. Rudesheim Christmas Market (89)

It is a cute little town that is a popular starting point for Rhine River Cruises. I had heard several positive things about the Christmas Market, but was still pleasantly surprised at it. The atmosphere was festive and the streets were full of people. The market started on the main road by the tourist office, then made a large loop through the center of town and back. At the first stand available, I bought an eierpunsch mit sahne und zimt. It is a warmish spiked eggnog with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Rudesheim Christmas Market (4)

As we wound through the streets, I became aware of the wide variety of both traditional German and Christmas souvenirs, all at very reasonable prices. Year-round, Rüdesheim is a major tourist destination, so next year I will make sure to go to the Christmas Market during the week instead of on a Saturday-at least we went earlier in the day!


There was an interesting food vendor:

Rudesheim Christmas Market (99)

And a children’s area by the toy museum, complete with a carousel and bunny village!

Rudesheim Christmas Kinder

Rudesheim Christmas Market (85)

This Christmas Market is worth paying a visit to!


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