Mainz Christmas Market

Mainz Christmas Market is medium size-there is a little bit of all of the usual stuff. Mainz Christmas Market (5)

The air smells of mulled wine, pommes (fries), chocolate, and bratwurst. There is a large Advent calendar house set up here as well.

Mainz Christmas Market (9)

A nativity sets against the Mainz Dom Cathedral and looks out across the marktplatz. The other side is bordered by the Gutenberg Museum (which I recommend that you visit if you are especially interested in antiques, machines, books, history, or the reformation).

Mainz Christmas Market (41)

Strings of Christmas lights gather at the center of the market above the vendor stands and fan out in every direction.

Mainz Christmas Market (34)

A food item that I have been looking for can be found here: Rothenburger Tauberkugel/Schnetheeballen. These scrumptious treats originated with the Frieden family in 1882. They come in all different flavors-but my favorite is zimt (cinnamon).

Mainz Christmas Market (36)

Mainz Christmas Market is conveniently located near a large shopping district. After walking through the market, we wandered up and down the streets, finding several fun little shops as well as the normal larger retail shops.


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