Frankfurt Christmas Market

We live very close to Frankfurt, so it only made sense to go check out their Christmas Market. Frankfurt Christmas Market (86)

Last year, we went to Frankfurt to Senkenberg Museum and hung out at the Christmas Market for about 30 minutes before catching our train. I thought the market area was smallish and lame. This year, however, I discovered that was just a quarter of it!

There were all the usual food and drink stands and vendors, but nothing very unique that I noticed.

Frankfurt Christmas MArket

We walked over to the Kleinmarkthalle, an indoor farmer’s market. Don’t let the storefront fool you! It is HUGE inside!

Frankfurt (4)

then across the pedestrian bridge and looked out over the city.

Frankfurt (15)

Frankfurt Christmas Market was worth the drive (or in our case-train trip) because of its size and festive atmosphere,

Frankfurt Christmas Market (114)

Frankfurt Christmas Market (53)

but did not have anything particularly unique about it.

Frankfurt Christmas Carousel


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