Handmade Lace in Bruges

Bruges is known for handmade lace produced there. Jeruzalemkerk is known for its uniqueness and kantcentrum (lace museum), as well as for the ladies who make lace. It was 3Euro per person to enter, which seemed a bit unnecessary, but I found the idea of checking it out intriguing.
Bruges Kantcentrum (8)

Bruges Kantcentrum (61)
As you enter the courtyard, the old and eerie basilica is on the left. This privately owned church was founded in 1428 and is an attempt to replicate the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Bruges Kantcentrum (31)

Bruges Kantcentrum (14)

The skulls above the alter were a new site for me…there were skulls around the chapel as well.

Bruges Kantcentrum (32)

There was a second smaller chapel room behind this. There were crosses across the floor and a statue of Mary against one wall.

 Bruges Kantcentrum (21)

Behind that was this small room that is a replica of Christ’s tomb. It was a little creepy to me and this is the closest I came to it.

Bruges Kantcentrum (18)

Back out in the courtyard, we headed toward the back where the lace museum is. It lacks formality and could use more information.

Bruges Kantcentrum (55)

Bruges Kantcentrum (44)

Bruges Kantcentrum (41)

To the back right of the courtyard is the room where a bunch of elderly ladies make lace during certain times of the day. This lace making school started in the 1830s! There are workshops throughout the year that enthusiasts can attend, and a lace magazine is put out by the group as well. This is a non-profit organization. You can walk around and watch them, but it is kind of like hanging out at your grandmother’s quilting group. Interesting to watch for a couple of minutes, but awkward.

Bruges Kantcentrum (33)

Bruges Kantcentrum (36)

Brugges Christmas Market (628)

To the right of the courtyard is the small gift shop and information center. You can purchase lace making supplies here as well.

Brugges Christmas Market (602)

Lace in Bruges is so popular that there is a city map in the middle of the city that is made to look like lace.

Brugges Christmas Market (320)

The fence around one of the windmills is made to look like lace as well.

Brugges Christmas Market (692)-001

Brugges Christmas Market (730)

If you can afford to, buy some handmade lace while you are in Bruges. Most of the souvenir shops sell lace that they try to pass off as handmade, but real handmade lace is off-white and has minor imperfections because it is handmade. Stay tuned for more of Bruges!


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