Koblenz Christmas Market

Our first Christmas Market of this year was to Koblenz, Germany.
Koblenz Christmas Market (55)

Our expectations this year are different than last year. Instead of going to Christmas Markets to find gifts to send home, we are focusing on enjoying the uniqueness of each town, finding the Cathedrals or castles, seeing if there are any unusual vendors, and finding something our daughter would enjoy. Finding some great Christmas Market food is also at the top of our list! Koblenz had been on my list of towns to visit due to the numerous Cathedrals and the castles nearby. I had not expected to find a great mall and shopping, but now have more reasons to go back! There are all sorts of fun statues around the city.

Koblenz Statues

Liebfrauenkirche, the Church of Our Beloved Lady is an interesting church with an extensive past, going back to the 5th century! As you can see in the bottom right corner, the church is 2 completely different styles.


Of course, being the typical German town, Koblenz has several amazing Churches, wonderful fountains, timber framed houses, and other unique structures. A sprawling castle sits on the hill overlooking the city.


We went just for the Christmas Market this time, since it was one of the earliest to open. There were several groups of Americans who had the same idea as us.

Koblenz Christmas Market (142)

We parked by the Kurfürstliche Schloss (a.k.a. Electoral Palace) (above). The Kurfürstliche Schloss is a Rhine Gorge UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Forum mall had two Christmas Market areas by it, and there was a larger one around the large cathedral.

Koblenz Christmas Market (50)

Koblenz Christmas Market (126)

Christmas Pyramid with Liebfrauenkirche in the background…

Koblenz Christmas Market (47)

The Christmas Windmill was cute…

Koblenz Christmas Market (82)

And watching glass blowing was such a great experience…

Koblenz Glass

The chocolate stands were great…

Koblenz Christmas Market (20)

This year, my daughter was able to go on some rides herself!

Koblenz Christmas Market (101)

This went fast! After the first lap, I was second-guessing my judgment letting her ride the motorcycle!

Koblenz Christmas Market (104)

We had a great time at Koblenz’s cute little Christmas Market – Read about the other European Christmas Markets on my blog!


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