Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremburg Christmas Market is the most popular in Germany. And rightly so!

Nuremberg Christmas Market (331)

LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE!!! When we arrived at 10am, there were only a couple hundred people, but with tour busses showing up by the dozen, this photo taken at 2pm shows just how crowded the city was becoming as dusk approached. There were so many people speaking so many different languages, I was blown aback. I loved being involved in such a large, exciting international celebration!

Nuremberg Christmas MArket

There were several nativities (even a live one) and several Christmas Markets around the city, to include a Children’s Christmas Market. Street performers brought their A-game at every corner. We walked around the wall of the altsadt (old town) area. Amazing cathedrals, town hall, and statues were broken up by cute shops and Christmas market stalls. The canals and moats, combined with the timber-frame houses and stone towers took me back in time. I vowed to come back in the summer when I could spend more time wandering around in this amazing city!



Christmas Markets at night are magical.

Nuremberg Christmas Market (357)

Nuremberg Christmas Market (344)

Nuremberg Christmas MArket2

If you go to Nuremberg Christmas Market, I cannot give you any recommendations except to walk around and enjoy everything there is to see. Let the banners and lights lead you down the narrow cobblestone streets and over small bridges and into Cathedrals. Stop and listen to the bands and musicians who play on the corners. Watch the street performers. Drink gluhwein and eat a bratwurst. Just enjoy Christmas in Germany!


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