Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg, France Christmas Market (Christkindelsmärik, capitale de Noël in French) is the oldest one in France. It far exceeded my expectations…at last! It helped that we were there on a sunny day-that always makes me happier.

Strasbourg Christmas Market (57)

Above: Looking across the canal to one of Strasbourg’s many Cathedrals
Below: Fountain of the Heroes of Greek Independence

Strasbourg Christmas Market (26)

Strasbourg Christmas Market (132)

Amazing Street Performer in a large Plaza

There are over 10 Christmas Markets in Strasbourg, so there is bound to be something for everyone. We walked around the city trying to find all of the markets. Strasbourg was incredibly festive. My favorite Christmas Market area was in the square around Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Christmas Market (120)

All of the buildings had some sort of decoration on them and there were banners leading down streets to other markets.

Strasbourg Christmas Market (67)

Strasbourg Christmas Market (71)

Strasbourg Christmas Market (113)

Strasbourg Christmas Market (144)

We only drove down for the day, but could have easily spend a weekend exploring everything. Strasbourg is a beautiful city with so much to see and the Christmas decorations made it all the more wonderful. As the sun set, the smells of street food and mulled wine embalmed the air while a million tiny twinkling lights set the city off. Christmas Markets after sunset are magical.

Strasbourg Christmas Market (104) - Copy

  Strasbourg Christmas Market (150)

One thing we have tried doing at festivals is allowing our daughter to ride on the carousel. She rode on this one 5 or 6 times!

Strasbourg Christmas Market (159)

This is so far the only Christmas Market I have been to in France. I am looking forward to trying a couple more this year! I have an inexplicable love for France.

 Strasbourg Christmas Market (80)

Strasbourg Christmas Market (196)


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