Gyor, Hungary

The purpose of going to Gyor was to say we had been to Hungary. That’s it. We were unable to find a parking garage so we settled for a pay lot across from the train station…it did not feel safe and I was nervous about leaving it there, but it ended up to be fine. When we were doing research before our trip, we read that the only thing to see in Gyor was the city hall. There were a few other things we found interesting, but this is definitely THE site to see. The front and back were detailed, but the towers were so beautifully ornate!

Gyor City Hall

 Gyor City Hall

Gyor City Hall

There were several interesting churches as well.

 Hungary (138)

Hungary (136)

On the river is this park, stretching across the narrow strip of grass between the river (canal) and this old wall which was lined with canons.

Hungary (146)

I loved this statue/fountain downtown:

Hungary (113)

Of course, beautiful carvings are all over the place:

Hungary (51)

As always (for us), it is a challenge to choose a restaurant in a foreign country. The place we chose seemed decent and clean, and our waiter was friendly enough. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Hungarian language and had trouble reading the menu (even when it was translated into German). So…I accidentally ordered…calamari! They were so big that I thought they were a side of onion rings…until I took a bite! My husband, as usual, ordered chicken alfredo. Our food was all delicious, and I ended up catching a yellow jacket in my Fanta (Fanta is better in Europe, by the way, and Cola tastes flat and lemon-y), which added to the excitement of the meal!

Calamari   Chicken Alfredo

While here, we determined that although this town was cute, it would have been worth the extra hour drive to visit Budapest instead. (Especially after seeing my husband’s photos from his trip there recently.) I would love to return to Hungary to explore more of it!


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