Vienna-Now or Never-Part 2

I love that Vienna’s catch phrase is “Now or Never.”  I find it interesting that it was in the top 5 list of the world’s most livable cities…and has been on that list for a while. Here are some more images from around Vienna…forgive the lack of titles and descriptions!


Here is the house Mozart lived in for several years with his family.

Vienna (234)

Vienna (241)

I love how buildings are built onto existing ones-this is Albertinerkirche

Above: Albertiner Museum Staircase, Below: Hofburg Palace

Vienna (547)

Vienna (537)

Vienna (402)

All of these photos were taken downtown, so let’s go back to our hotel for a minute. Vienna Parkhotel Schonbrunn.

   Vienna-Hotel (2)

The View from our room was unbeatable! We could see the entrance to Schonbrunn Palace, tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and many other cathedrals across the skyline. I definitely recommend it if you are ok with staying out of the heart of the city. The restaurant next door is delicious and their eis (ice cream) selection is great!

Vienna St Stephens


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