Bratislava, Slovakia *Updated

From Vienna, we drove out to a couple nearby countries: Slovakia and Hungary…mainly to say we had been there. Most of the time we try to park in parking garages because it seems safer to park our American car with German plates in a garage instead of in a parking lot…you have to pay for both anyway, right? In Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, we parked at the Carlton Hotel parking garage, in the heart of the city. Here is a photo driving over the bridge into the city with Bratislava Castle on the left. The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) crosses the Danube River. The tall structure of the bridge is known as the UFO Tower. There is an observation deck and restaurant. From the road, it reminded me of the Space Needle in Seattle where my husband and I ate on our honeymoon.

Bratislava Castle

Slovakia (37)

It is clear that Bratislava is in a stage of development-old crumbling buildings with rebar and cables protruding out of holes in the wall bordered nice restaurants in the city.

Slovakia (252)

Slovakia (269)

Fountains and statues here especially caught my eye.

Slovakia (289)

Slovakia (166)

This ornate cross in front of a church was very interesting. Take a close look or click on the photo to enlarge. Do you see a few unusual things about it?

 Slovakia (177)

And of course I must include a photo of Cumil, a silly statue of a tired soldier.

Slovakia (126)

Below: St. Michael’s Tower

Slovakia (195)

Slovakia (220)

Looking past the church and homes up to Bratislava Castle!

Slovakia (67)

Slovakia (54)

Above: my baby and I in front of the Slovak National Theater, Below:  the beautiful Jesuit Temple.

Bratislava is an incredible place to shop for souvenirs. They are inexpensive (especially if there is a market taking place) and have a wide variety of handcrafted regional items. We bought a couple of tablecloths made in the region.

Bratislava City Hall

Overall, we spent a pleasant couple of hours in Bratislava. Everyone seemed friendly, prices in shops were low, and there was a lot to see. It seemed like a relaxing place to overnight, but we were headed on to Gyor, Hungary on our way back to our hotel in Vienna.


On our return to Vienna (via Prague), we decided to stop back in and check on the cute little city of Bratislava, across the border in Slovakia. This time, it was sunny and early March. There was a pile of old snow on the ground, which my daughter was all too content to play with for as long as I let her. This time, we walked around on a quiet day and took more pictures with funny statues and things! Although last time, we walked across the bridge to get a good view of the castle, this time I stayed with the kid while the others hiked over to the castle. They were able to get inside the first wall area without paying. From the outside, it looked like a whitewashed box, so I enjoyed watching my daughter play in the snow pile! As before, everyone seemed pretty friendly and tried talking to my daughter and I in the main square.


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