Vienna-Now or Never-Part 1

Much like Munich, Vienna is a large, wonderful city with so much to offer that I am overwhelmed just trying to consider how to write a post about it. Every corner boasts an architecturally interesting old building with a history worth mentioning. I don’t want to cut out any important information, but there is no way to post it all. Our wonderful hotel was near Schonbrunn Palace, which is a few miles from Vienna’s city center, so we took the U-bahn from our hotel to downtown Vienna. Thus begins the photo tour of Vienna (or Wien, as the Austrians call it)…

Vienna City Hall:

Vienna (451)

Vienna City Hall-Wien Rathaus

Vienna Rathaus

Vienna Parliament Building: is not to be missed! Stop in the souvenir shop or café while you are there.

Vienna Parliament

Vienna Parliament

  Vienna State Opera, the thing to do in Vienna is to go to a concert at the Opera Hall. Vienna is most known for its musical influence, as Beethoven and Mozart spent much of their lives in Vienna.

Vienna (221)

Vienna State Opera -Wiener Staatsoper

Black Plague Statue, erected in memory of those lost in the horrible plague, built over a period of about 20 years by several different sculpters:


Pestsäule-Black Plague Statue

The Spanish Riding School in the Hofburg Palace was built in 1735 and has maintained a tradition of breeding and horsemanship ever since:

Spanish Riding School 2

Museum of Natural History (click on the link and watch the video) is a must-see that we did not get to go into. It was built in 1889 and has some of the oldest and most famous pieces in the world! I have been in natural history museums and museums boasting large collections of prehistoric artifacts, but there is something special about this museum. It houses the world’s largest and oldest meteorite display as well! I am sad that I missed it, but we were on a more restricted entrance fee budget this time, as the travel cost was higher than other trips. If you have the opportunity, go see the museum and let me know what you thought!

Vienna Museum 2

Stay tuned for more of Vienna!


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