Füssen Castles


Our Bavaria/Bayern Trip did not include Füssen nor its famed Neuschwanstein Castle, nor the lesser known Hohenschwangau Castle. However, driving by the exit to Füssen, I shouted to my husband, “Turn here!” And we did. In my mind, I was thinking what a waste it would be to be within just a few miles of the most famous castle in the world and not even drive by to see it on our way.

So we drove through Füssen and a few other tiny villages, passing a handful of fortresses and castles until we saw the main attraction: Neuschwanstein Castle. We pulled over on the side of the road so I could hop out and take some photos of it and Hohenschwangau Castle, which is also within sight. After a few photos, we drove up to the parking lot and I hopped out to get more photos. My husband drove in a loop, came back to pick me up and stopped at one more viewpoint he had found along the Romantic Road bike trail. This is the closest we got to both of these castles and it was amazing. I would have loved to park and just hike around the entire area, but we did not have the time for that this time.


Neuschwanstein Castle


Hohenschwangau Castle

Passing through Füssen on the way back, we could not help parking at Lech Gorge (free parking, by the way) to photograph the teal water and Lechfall (the waterfall on the left).

Füssen Water

Lech Gorge

We moseyed on down the road from there into Füssen, as we had seen what looked like a fortress from the road. I looked into it and yes, this was built on the site of an old Roman fortress.


High Castle

As it turns out, Füssen is a lovely picturesque town with an interesting past. The construction of High Castle was started by King Ludwig in the late 1200s illegally. The project was overtaken and eventually completed by someone else. St. Mang being the patron saint of the town, the Basilica and Monastery (pictured immediately below) are named for him.



Heilig-Geist Spitalkirche (in English, Holy Ghost Hospital Church-below) is very detailed in its architectural elements and a great example of Lüftlmalerei frescos (which I talked about in my previous post about Mittenwald). Füssen was beautiful and I can’t wait to return!


Heilig-Geist Spitalkirche


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