Eibsee and Mittenwald ~UPDATED~

 Day 3 in Bavaria was to be spent driving over to Salzburg. However, we decided to stay closer to our hotel and go to a couple of different places instead. Our first stop was Eibsee. It is at the base of Germany’s tallest mountain, Zugspitze. Below  is a photo of my daughter standing in front of Zugspitze. She loved watching all of the paragliders coming from the mountain. Paragliding off Zugspitze is a popular summer activity here!

Garmisch (61)

Eibsee is beautiful-an amazing color of crystal-clear blue. We considered renting a paddle boat or canoe from the rental area, but decided it would be too much for a toddler. We walked about a third of the way around the lake, letting our daughter run ahead of us and pick up rocks (her favorite activity).

Eibsee Dad (12)

There were a few smaller lakes around the Eibsee. I should describe them as large ponds, I suppose. We crouched next to this one and watched the tadpoles, minnows, frogs, and fish playing in the water. My daughter especially enjoyed how the ducks swam right up to her.

Eibsee Mom (2)

After our nice little hike, we drove to a village that we had passed a couple of times before: Mittenwald. Mittenwald (61)

The main site here is the Pfarrkirche St. Peter and Paul Church. It is a beautiful gothic and baroque structure built in the mid 1700s. I am still kicking myself for not trying to go inside it. I don’t even know why we didn’t either-we do that everywhere! Apparently, the interior is surprising in just how absolutely stunning it is.  ***UPDATE: On a return trip to Mittenwald with my mom, we actually did go inside the chapel. It was STUNNING! The photo below is the only one that turned out well.***

Mittenwald Germany travelinitiative.wordpress.com (5)  Mittenwald Germany travelinitiative.wordpress.com (3)

Mittenwald is famous for violin making, which goes back a couple hundred years. Unfortunately, the shops were closed on the day we were there. ***UPDATE: We saw the outside of the Violin Museum,

 Mittenwald Germany travelinitiative.wordpress.com (2) Mittenwald Germany travelinitiative.wordpress.com (1)

as well as a shop, Geigen und Musik Maller, that sells music-related items, including regional folk music CDs and handmade violins. The owner of the shop makes violins in an area of the store. Mom loved the experience of going in to the store so much that we didn’t tour the museum!***

Mittenwald Germany travelinitiative.wordpress.com (4)

It is also the home of Mittenwalder Privatbrauerei, the highest altitude privately owned brewery. There is a cable car/ski lift up to a ski area, as in every town in the Alps and Leutaschklamm, a gorge with a waterfall nearby. We noticed a miniature golf course in the town as well.

Mittenwald (23)

The most interesting thing in Mittenwald (to me at least) was the long winding canal that ran through the town on the edge of the road. There are boards that have been lain across much of the canal, which are used for sidewalk space I suppose, but some of the canal was just open. I found this very unique.

Mittenwald Canal

Lüftlmalerei is a style of painting frescos and scenes on the exteriors of buildings. Almost every building in the Mittenwald altstadt (old town) is an example of this. This type of painting originated in the southern Germany and northern Italy regions and is very common. Most of the lüftlmalerei I saw had to do with hunting themes, but there were many others.

Mittenwald (33)-001



***UPDATE: The next time we went, it was a little bit stormy, but still so beautiful! ***

Mittenwald Germany travelinitiative.wordpress.com (6)

Before leaving, we bought some gelato and ate it in this cute little park, which is dedicated to an Olympic athlete (Martina Glagow) that hails from this area.

 Mittenwald (7)

Our decision to explore Eibsee and this Bavarian village during our trip was the right one! Bavaria is a completely different culture from what we are used to and we LOVED it! Here is a comprehensive Bavaria tourism website.


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