Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz is a castle in the mountians above Germany’s Moselle River. We drove through mountains and woods and across rivers to get to the parking lot for Burg Eltz. A switchback path led us on a steep descent to the castle with a stream trickling below it in the valley. For those who wish, there is a shuttle down that runs between the parking area and the castle, which proves wonderful on the way back up!

Burg Eltz (48)

When you purchase your entrance ticket to Burg Eltz and the Treasury, you will need to inquire regarding English tours. We were able to get a tour of the castle in English, and I am thankful we did! The guide had plenty of information for us that we would not have guessed had we gone with the German guide. Cameras were not permitted inside, but it was similar to some others I have been in so it wasn’t as difficult to put it down. One fun fact about the castle is that it is run by the same family that built it back in the medieval times when it was built.

Burg Eltz (111)

Burg Eltz (104)

 Burg Eltz’s treasury had a little bit of everything. Gold figurines, china dishes, jewelry and coins, weapons, clothing and every day items.

Burg Eltz (102)

Burg Eltz (99)

Burg Eltz Treasury

Want to go?


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