Ville Touristique

This is inspired by the many villages and towns we visited in the Loire Valley, France.
Ville Touristique

A flood from all sides engulfs the village.
Residents weave through once empty streets.
Annoying crowds,
The endless laughing
And questions
And drinks.

They come from everywhere for different reasons
but form a purpose:
To see
To experience
To be a part
Of a place
Of a history
And to be freed of monotony.

After a while, the flood will go down to a trickle–
The seasonal excitement over.
The annoyance of over-indulging travelers gone.
Like a warm blanket
Will surround the village
And preserve the peace.

The echo of a single set of footsteps
And the unlocking of a door
Are the loudest sounds.
Boredom grows with the amplification of silence,
The repetition of a day.

And then
At last
With the sunshine
Returns the flood.



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