Innsbruck to Vipiteno


Day Two in Bavaria was spent driving through the German, Austrian and Italian Alps in the Tyrol region.

Innsbruck (39)

Innsbruck was our first stop. It is the capitol of the Austrian state Tyrol (also may be spelled Tirol). It is a nice little town to visit and souvenirs are inexpensive there, but we didn’t need too much time to take it all in. The main sites were fairly close to each other, which was nice.

Innsbruck (31)

Goldenes Dachl – Golden Roof

 Innsbruck (121)

Innsbruck (130)

Innsbruck has hosted the winter Olympics a couple of times, and it was neat to see the ski slope as we drove through Brenner Pass.

Innsbruck Panoramic

Vipiteno/Sterzing is in the Tyrol region of northern Italy. Driving there through the Alps was beautiful, but as we neared the Italian border, the driving became a little crazier. Right on the Austrian-Italian border is a huge mall. I desperately wanted to stop and spend the day there-especially when I could see all of the sale signs and banners!! But it just wasn’t in the plan for our day. Soon, we made it to Vipiteno, a town that is half way between Verona and Munich. According to Wikipedia, it has been around since 14BC. Walking around, we could feel the age of the town for sure!

Vipiteno (61)

Vipiteno (26)

There is a friendly tourist office and a little red train to give you a tour of the village-not that you need the tour. Vipiteno is a tiny town.

Vipiteno (47)

The most notable site in Vipiteno is a tower called the Zwölferturm, or “Tower of the Twelve.”

   Vipiteno (2)

We couldn’t resist getting gelato!

Vipiteno (8)-001

…And pizza…


Here is the pizza menu…in German and Italian. The waiters spoke both languages, which initially threw us off since we were expecting Italian.


As we were leaving Vipiteno, we stopped by a small grocery store to buy some Italian candy, 89 cent Sangria, and Olive Oil. All turned out to be DELICIOUS!


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