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It has been a while since I posted-I needed to find more material for this blog! …Then we had guests…then I had surgery…and now I am back! Whew what a fabulous and busy summer! One of my favorite things about Germany is all the flea markets. I have been able to find old books, antiques, and other authentic souvenirs for a fraction of what I would be able to find anywhere else. On one such flea market adventure, we arrived in the wonderful town of Eltville am Rhein. We parked at one end of the town in a free parking area and walked to the opposite side of town where the market was being held. It was a wonderful walk through the charming streets and beside the river!

Eltville (49)-001

Eltville (61)

Eltville (45)-001

Below: An old press that is now used as a decoration. I think it is inspiration for a fabulous fireplace surround!

Eltville (8)

Below: An emotional sculpture in front of the cathedral.

Eltville (53)

Below: A cute little fountain of ducks. There is a button you can push and it makes the ducks move a little bit and more water squirt out their mouths! How fun!

Eltville (113)

Below: Our lunch stop at Weinpump was not cheap, but fabulous! Because asparagus (spargel) was in season, I ordered an unexpectedly heavenly bowl of spargel crème suppe. My husband ordered a rumpsteak with rosemary potatoes and an herb butter that was equally delicious!

Eltville (120)

The flea market here did not disappoint either. We came away with a couple of things, including a German version of Monopoly made in the 1940s-and yes, the money was in deutsch marks. We tried playing it later that week, and discovered that although we have played Monopoly several times, we still had to look up what the Chance and Community Chest cards said! Eltville is a lovely quite town to spend a day!


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