Loire Valley-Chateaux and Sites

Driving through France, especially in the Loire Valley, was so relaxing. The driving was easy and the scattered towns were small, each with a different charm. I wish I knew the names of all of the sites we saw just driving! There were many chateaux and cathedrals that we saw but were not able to go explore.

Loire Valley

Chateau de Chaumont in Chaumont sur Loire (10th century castle)

Chaumont Sur Loire

Chateau de Blois (built in the 1400s)

Loire Valley Day 5 (247)

Cathedral of Saint Louis of Blois (built mostly in the 1500s)

Loire Valley Day 2 (830)

Loire Valley Day 5 (137)

To be in the same places as Kings and rulers dating back centuries was amazing. Several of the places had more recent historical ties to people such as Napoleon and Joan of Arc. I am starting to ask myself: since history is so interesting to me, should I go back to school to major in World History?


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