Loire Valley-Chinon and Langeais Chateaux

Chateau de Chinon is a beautiful fortress that rests above the Vienne River in the Loire Valley in France. We decided that seeing the chateau from the opposite side of the river was the best! This location was determined as strategic to trading and security long ago. Although it has been updated since, the modern fortress dates back to the 1st century, but had been built on earlier Gallo-Roman ruins.




As we drove through the wine-famous city, trying to get a better view of the chateaux, we came to the end of the town and found ourselves funneled out of the city…

Chinon-Loire Valley 3 (54)

Which was fine because we were on our way to more chateaux! We went to Usse (which I am reserving for its own post) and then on to Langeais. We passed over the beautiful suspension bridge, which was built in the 1930s.


When we came to Langeais, we stopped for lunch at a little park next to the moat belonging to the Chateau de Langeais. Amid the lovely flowers and arbor, we found this wonderful building. I have tried some research, but still do not know what it is. My guess is a guard post.


Langeais is a lovely castle. It has a moat, drawbridge, and a wonderful history, dating back to the 10th century. Later in history, Charles the 8th was married here.


The town that surrounds it is quaint and feels old…walking around I felt as though I were in the medieval times…


The Eglise Saint Jean Baptiste in Langeais was quite interesting to me. I could tell it had been built in about the 10th century, but all of the additions during different centuries give this chapel a unique look.


Langeais was a wonderful town with a spectacular chateau and church. If you go to Loire Valley, make time for this chateau!

Want to see another?


3 thoughts on “Loire Valley-Chinon and Langeais Chateaux

  1. It is a wonderful area…endless Chateaux & vineyards. It’s a place you can visit and visit and never finish exploring. What a great write up. We are only 15 mins from Langeais and have yet visited it. After this, I think it’s time for a visit 🙂

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