Wiesbaden’s Parliament Building

Parliament Building Wiesbaden (21)

Wiesbaden is the capital of its state, Hessen. In the heart of downtown Wiesbaden is the Hessicher Landtag (Hessen State Parliament Building) or Stadtschloss (state house). For free, you can go to the Landtag and get an English-speaking guide to show you around. The history of the building and its rooms is amazing. The Stadtschloss is a former city palace of the Duke of Nassau. Every room is elegantly decorated and had a specific purpose when being designed. As seen below, many motifs on the ceilings echoed snowflakes. Extravagant patterns and moulding embellish the gaudy rooms. Beautiful patterns created by the wood flooring are further accessorized with mother-of-pearl accents. Our guide told us that sometimes during the tours people sneak off and pry the accents off or chip pieces off of the furniture as souvenirs. Who does that? My daughter loved walking through the rooms with us, looking up at the oversized chandeliers and looking in the large mirrors.

Parliament Composite

Below, a sconce for the music hall is of a cherub playing a tambourine. Each sconce in this room had a cherub playing a different instrument. Every detail was considered! Of course, the lovely furniture below has real gold overlay. The blue room at the bottom is used for meeting still. When I took the photo, I was standing in front of a large TV. It is great that they are able to maintain so many aspects of this historic building while making it functional.

Parliament Composite2

My daughter’s favorite room was in the newer part of the parliament building. It reminded me of Star Wars…After being such a good girl, my daughter was allowed to walk around this room while we listened to the guide explain how the parliament works. It was a very interesting tour and I recommend it, even if you are not interested in government.

Parliament Building Wiesbaden (81)


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