Limburg-Photographer’s Delight

After my daughter did so well at Wiesbaden’s parliament building a few weeks earlier, and I was excited to take her to Limburg.

Limburg Mar8 (42)

As many parents could expect, this trip was not the same. She spent much of it yelling and squirming in her stroller or running away shrieking with laughter. Anyway…taking a train with a group, we were excited to explore the cute little city. Overall, the old town is just beautiful to walk around. There is a castle, but that was not on the agenda this time. Our first stop was at the Limburger Dom-Georgsdom. It is a beautiful Romanesque-style cathedral.

Limburg Mar8 (58)

Limburg Mar8 (68)

Limburg Mar8 (54)


Amid the half-timbered houses mostly built in the 1700s and 1800s, many lively shops boast wonderful regional wines and cheeses.

Limburg Mar8 (41)

There is even a cute little store you can stop in to purchase various flavor-infused balsamic, including everything from strawberry to coffee balsamic! Unfortunately, due to the stroller I was pushing around, I was unable to explore any of these shops, which are all tiny and full of fragile items. This plus a grouchy, restless baby did not make the trip very fun, unfortunately…but I still found the architecture stunning.

Limburg Mar8 (119)

Limburg Mar8 (8)

Above: My favorite statue in Germany.

Below: My favorite building in Limburg

Limburg Mar8 (11)

Limburg Mar8 (17)

Limburg Mar8 (104)

Limburg Mar8 (33)

I would definitely call Limburg a photographer’s delight! I was unable to get too many photos because my cutsie pie was being very difficult, so I will be returning-possibly without her-to wander the city and enjoy its vibrancy. If you are going to Limburg, maybe see the orange and white cathedral or go up into the castle, but for sure eat lunch at a café and just enjoy the beautiful, quiet downtown area!


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