Gutenberg Museum

Mainz Gutenberg (80)

In Mainz, there is a lovely little museum of printing called Gutenberg Museum, founded in 1900. Johann Gutenberg is attributed to inventing the moveable typeset. Before looking around the museum, be sure to watch the old Claymation movie about Gutenberg’s life and the opening of the museum. It is dated, but very informative. Here is my cutsie pie in the museum theater:

Mainz Gutenberg (30)

The Gutenberg Museum acknowledges printing methods of cultures all over the world throughout time. The museum houses many different types of printing presses, while displaying a variety of methods of printing. Of course, many books and pages of beautiful scrolled text and colorful illustrations are also on display. My two favorite exhibits were the Gutenberg Bible and the workshop exhibits. The Gutenberg Bible is the first book printed using the Gutenberg method of a moveable typeset. These Bibles are very rare and worth tens of millions of dollars-if you can find someone who is even willing to sell one, that is. The bottom floor of the museum has various printing presses set up, and one for actual use. Below is a demonstration of making the letter blocks and process of printing one page using the Gutenberg method. My husband volunteered to press the page-and we got to keep it!

Gutenberg Composite

Mainz Gutenberg (45)

Eating at the Gutenberg Café was lovely as we sat and looked out at the Dom Cathedral and Platz. Make sure you go on a day when the farmer’s market is open so you can pick up some fresh flowers and produce!

Mainz (1)

Mainz Gutenberg (20)

Mainz (2)

Mainz (3)


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