Fasching in Wiesbaden

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Fasching (called Carnival is some areas of Europe) is a German celebration that takes place before Lent, similar to Mardi Gras. In some areas, Fasching season may start as early as November! Fasching is generally celebrated as a carnival with costumes, drinking, parades, and general craziness.

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Walking downtown to the Fasching parade in Wiesbaden on a cold but clear February Parade day was exciting. Shouts of “Helau!” echoed from one end of the city to another as people of ALL ages, dressed in whatever wasn’t normal, clamoured for candy, sponges, and other goodies tossed by the people in the parade.

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Our daughter LOVED it…except when an old lady pushed her aside to grab more candy.

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 The Wiesbaden Fasching Parade is on February 15, 2015 and starts at the odd time of 13:11. It lasts a while, so if you dress up (and you should if you want to fit in!), wear something warm or get a hot (or strong) drink! Enjoy the crazy! Afterward, race the throngs of people to the nearest restaurant and get something to eat! Hot schnitzel mit pommes (pounded, breaded pork with fries) at a local pub hits the spot!


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