Senckenberg Museum-Frankfurt

Just because, we decided to take the train up to Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt. People we had talked to said it was “really big” and “has lots of dinosaurs”.  After a short, easy, inexpensive train ride we walked to the museum, which was not too far away. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. I was immediately impressed with the front of the museum building. I loved the stone work, carving, wrought iron detailing, arched windows…the works. The staff were friendly and bilingual, which was nice.

Frankfurt1 (9)

This museum is huge! Full scale dinosaur skeletons fill the first large room. There are a few small activities to entertain children, which was helpful with a baby.

Frankfurt (3)

Frankfurt (21)

Frankfurt (17)

The area on the solar system and earth were also interesting, with several small activities and fun things for kids (and adults I guess) to do.

Frankfurt (9)

Frankfurt (11)

The collection of animals on display was staggering-every animal I knew and many that I didn’t recognize was there! There was also a replica of Lucy, the oldest most complete skeleton ever found, as well as 2 mummified children dating back 2000 years!

Frankfurt (29)

The habitat scenes of animals in the wild were very realistic!

Frankfurt (64)

Let’s not forget about the sea life exhibit:

Frankfurt (54)

Frankfurt (57)

The plant and insect exhibits were extensive as well.

Frankfurt (75)

We ate at the museum café was nice, not the most delicious, but nice. There was a large bin of toys for kids to play with while we were waiting for our food. Overall, the museum was very educational, interesting, and family-oriented. If you live in the area, be sure to check it out!


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