Oldest Gothic Cathedral in Germany

On an exceptionally rainy day, we went with a group to tour Marburg. Marburg is a picturesque quintessential German town…even in the rain. This is a pedestrian town-many narrow winding walkways, most with steps up or down as the city is on a hill. Not stroller or car friendly, this cute little town is home to the oldest Protestant University in the world-Philipps University Marburg-founded in 1527!

Marburg Houses

Marburg (82)

It boasts St. Elizabeth’s Church, a beautiful piece of architecture. Built from 1235-1281, St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral became one of the first Gothic hall churches in Germany. (Contenders include Liebfrauenkirche aka Church of our Lady, constructed in 1260 and St. Peter’s Cathedral in Cologne, which broke ground in 1248). St. Elizabeth’s is beautiful! My favorite element was the main entrance.

Marburg (4)


Marburg is also famous for being the city where the Grimm brothers attended law school around 1800. Several symbols of the Grimm brothers’ influence can be seen here. Evidence of their inspiration for fairytales is everywhere, from Rapunzel’s tower to these fun figures:

Marburg (137)

Marburg (127)

We wound up and down the streets, stopping in old book stores, interesting clothing shops, and yummy diverse restaurants. The city hall building with it’s giant cobblestone square is a lovely place to sit an enjoy a brochen.

Marburg (115)


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