Stateside. What a wonderful dream. Home at last. I cried when we landed at the airport. After nearly 2 years, we were seeing our home country again. We bought a house on a hill in the suburbs, got a car, worked, had a baby, and were contentedly watching the world go by with memories of our grand excursions. We went to Colorado and Alaska. I went on a work trip to Florida. We considered going to Hawaii, but didn’t.

13 weeks (29)  mn 8 week (40) Gils Party (9)

How boring it is to go home and live practically after whirlwind adventures, but how wonderful it is for so many reasons! Our life in the states was so blessed, and having someone new in our lives doubled the blessing. Things I appreciated more once returning to the Great Northwestern United States (and America in general):

being able to understand what people were saying to me
speaking English
lovely mountains
evergreen trees
green lawns
lakes and rivers
normal stores
normal grocery stores
new buildings
grocery items always being in stock in the store
unlimited selection of grocery items and everything else

good gas prices (yes-trust me)
free large safe parking areas
movies in English and in good quality
TV in HD
high speed internet
cell phone
carpeted floors
toilets with the flush lever
standard toilets

free public toilets
drywall/wood construction (not cement)
steak and potatoes restaurants
some of the rain
knowing what to expect
understanding the currency without having to do the conversion
no more trying to calculate out the metric conversion
having family nearby
the over all feeling of normalcy (the weirdest thing was that nothing had changed)

Please comment and add things you like about the United States. All the little things/comforts become big things when you don’t have them or when they are limited!


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