Feluccas in Aswan and a Nile Cruise


Do you know what a felucca is? It is a wooden Egyptian boat that has a sail. All along the Nile, a favorite tourist activity is to take one of these feluccas down the river. How beautiful and relaxing it was sailing along, seeing beautiful buildings and passing other groups of feluccas, banana harvesters using motorboats, fishermen, and young children paddling up on large pieces of cardboard (or Styrofoam?) to the tourist feluccas in hopes of getting tips for singing songs in poor English.


Egypt 11-27 (182)


Egypt 11-27a (16)


We took the felucca to the Philae Temple. We also took the ship up to Edfu. These temples are very similar in style. They were immense and beautiful, the deep stone carvings, the varying column designs, everything. They were stunning.

Egypt 11-26a (3)

Kom Ombo Temple


Kom Ombo Temple

Egypt 11-26a (10)


Egypt 11-26 (65)

We also had a beautiful view at the High Dam outside of Aswan.

Egypt 11-26 (44)

The unfinished obelisque was interesting-even one of the stones used to carve it out was still there!

Egypt 11-26a (86)

The next day of our lovely Nile cruise was spent at Kom Ombo Temple. It was beautiful, but not quite as impressive as Philae. Carvings were deep and inspirational, telling stories of a forgotten time. Originally, a lot of the carvings had been painted. Some of them (particularly on the ceiling) still retained their color. The capitals were beautiful and expressive.

Kom Ombo

Egypt 11-27 (16)

Egypt 11-27 (50)

Egypt 11-27 (39)

*We couldn’t resist!

Kom Ombo Temple

Little did I know, the next day would be twice as awe-inspiring… … …


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