Last Day in Egypt

Temple of Amenhotep 3

Egypt 11-28 (123)

Egypt 11-28 (121)

Valley of the Kings-Shaped like a pyramid-Coincidence? Nope! It is here that royalty was buried for hundreds of years to keep them safe from thieves.

Egypt 11-28 (24)

Although photos were not allowed inside the tombs due to the light causing damage to the brilliant colorful paintings, you could simply bribe one of the guards (as you see here) and use your camera as much as you wanted!

Egypt 11-28 (59)

While we were waiting in line to enter a tomb, young boys lowered down water to sell us.

Egypt 11-28 (51)

Some tombs required a long downhill descent over narrow metal staircases…

Egypt 11-28 (52)

Some required a climb up to the entrance…and then down through the tomb into the burial chamber…

Egypt 11-28 (46)

I can’t even describe how amazing the Valley of the Kings is. It looks boring in the photos, but trust me the caves are breath-taking!

Egypt 11-28 (23)

We stopped by a factory where stone vases, dishes, and other goods are hand carved.

Egypt 11-28 (77)

The Temple of Hatshepsut honored the greatest woman ruler in ancient history-she was a pharaoh who lived around 1470BC.

Egypt 11-28 (82)

Egypt 11-28 (112)

Egypt 11-28 (7)

We took a carriage ride from our ship to Luxor and Karnak Temples. What a way to end our adventure in Egypt! The Valley of the Kings was great and its expansiveness was completely unexpected. The Luxor and Karnak Temples were the best of all the temples. I loved the giant stone statues of Ramses and his bride. I also thought the repetition of figures was unique.

Egypt 11-28 (4)

Egypt 11-28b (9)


Egypt 11-28b (48)

Egypt 11-28b (60)






Despite negative experiences I had in Egypt (most of which I left out), it was an amazing journey. We saw things that I never expected to see in a million years. Although it was beautiful and amazing, I would not go back. I suggest you go, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart!


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