The Biggest Gothic Cathedral in the World

After 3 days in London, we took a cheap flight to southern Spain. Our first 2 nights were spent in Sevilla. Upon arrival at EME Fusion hotel, we were immediately impressed. This hotel has the best atmosphere and location! Directly across the street (narrow street) from the main cathedral, this hotel has a rooftop pool directly under the bell tower. The rooms are very modern and ours had a tiny balcony with a view of the cathedral. It was perfect. Below are some photos of the Cathedral of Mary of the Sea. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and I clearly had trouble finding a good camera angle for a photograph that incorporated all of the traditional elements. We climbed up to the bell tower, which was quite a climb, but worth every stair! The cathedral  itself is obviously very beautifully decorated and ornate. From our rooftop pool, we felt close enough to touch the cathedral tower as we waved at tourists in the bell tower. Horse-drawn carriages await at all times of the day to give you a wonderful way to experience the city.

Sevilla Cathedral

Cathedral (41)

Another must-see for Sevilla is the Plaza de Espana. It is so beautiful, covered in colorful mosaics, fountains, and lovely architectural elements.


Sevilla is my favorite city as a tourist. There are beautiful sights, lots to do, delicious tapas and other foods, and friendly people. By far, the friendliest tourist destination I have been to.


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