Costa del no Sol

Our intention was to relax on Costa del Sol in southern Spain, even if it was a bit too cool for a bikini. The tropical storm put a halt to that. As we drove in from Seville the first night, rain and hail, leaves and little rocks pelted our windshield, driven by a strong wind. When we awakened, the wind and rain had subsided leaving this:

Costa de Sol (6)

They even closed Onkel Willi’s restaurant…which brings me to my next point: the restaurants here were so cleverly named!

Costa del Sol (43)

It cleared up the next day enough for us to walk around the town. It was wonderful, but my travel goal is to come back to the Torremolinos/Costa del Sol area when there is Sol (sunshine)! The whitewashed buildings and lovely beachfront are a perfect setting for the colorful shops and fun little restaurants.

On our way back up to the airport, we stopped in Cordoba for lunch then the Alhambra in Grenada. I must say, people in Grenada were very rude to us…a shopkeeper actually kicked me out because I wore my shoes in the store! Other clerks in little shops also glared at us and really made sure we felt unwelcome. What a change that was from Seville! Here are a few photos of Grenada. We did not pay to ride the tour bus-we just walked up to it and around the grounds-all for free. Here are a couple shots of the palace/fortress Alhambra:

Al Hambra (18)

Al Hambra (34)


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