Why Travel Initiative?

Let’s take a break from all the information and stories about places I go. Why did I choose to name this blog “Travel Initiative”? What does that mean? There are a few similar ways to define initiative: to take the first step, to take action, and to act on one’s own will.

Osmaniye Turkey

When you want to travel, you have to make the first move. We tried waiting around for family, for friends, for the right time, for the right finances, etc… The perfect situation will not happen, especially if you leave it up to someone else to plan for you or tell you what they expect out of a trip. You have to take the initiative and just start planning, inform, and follow through yourself. You are going to go nowhere if you sit around waiting for someone else to say it is ok to click “book” on an airline or hotel website. At some point, you have to decide what matters and start doing things for yourself. This being said, there is a place to incorporate those factors into your plans, but you have to take initiative and just go. For example, my husband enjoys travelling, but will never be involved in planning a trip. I waited months for him to tell me it was ok to plan a certain trip before I realized that although he enjoys travelling with me, he will never be involved in the planning process. And that is ok.

Meat Shop


(Above: Restaurants in Mersin, Turkey-a meat market that also sells some freshly grilled meat dishes, a restaurant by Heaven and Hell that has delicious Borek/Boregi)

At first, we started small: riding with people we knew to see sites around the area we lived, going on a guided tour with a group of people we knew to a popular destination and staying 2 additional days to explore. Next, we chartered a guided tour to drive us all over a region to various ancient sites. Our next trip was with our friends-no guide-no specific itinerary-just a list of interesting sites and things in the area. Although there is a place for the guided tours-especially when there is a lot to see and do in a short amount of time, where there are safety factors, I prefer just setting out on our own. We are relaxed. We can eat when we want-and WHERE we want. We can sleep when we want. We can see extra sites or cut some out. Whether I want to go on a guided tour or on our own meandering adventure, the only way it will get done is if I step up and just go.




(Above: Photos around Mersin)

Yes, everyone, I do use the edge darkening photo effect a lot. I will be learning more about other photo editing tools and tricks (not that I needed them for any so far), but until then, be forgiving and just enjoy them!


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