SCUBA in the Med


I spent the summer enjoying the sun, enjoying my work, travelling in the nearby area, and spending time with my husband touring the local area more. I also encouraged my husband to do something he had always wanted to: become SCUBA certified. His first dives were in the Mediterranean Sea! How cool is that?! We stayed in Mersin for 2 nights. Our hotel was having this amazing concert festival while we were there. Our patio faced the concert area. Loud traditional Turkish music, broken up by loud cheers from the audience filled the hot night air. Not a fan of middle eastern music in general, and it being so late each night when we got back (and even later when the music stopped around 3am, I ended up holding a pillow over my ears all night. Lame, I know! I went out on the boat with his diving class diving during the day, just west of Mersin, but stayed on the boat with the locals (all men, I think-yes, awkward). One cove we anchored in was swarming with biting flies.  We all floated around in the sea until they were gone. Party boats passed, with loud music and hearty drinkers shouting and jumping into the water. For lunch, the men on our boat caught some fish and cooked it up with some rice-simple and delicious. Overall, our trip was a bit strange but how beautiful it all was!

scuba weekend

scuba diving

I loved the way this fruit stand was set up in Mersin-how clever!



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