In Izmir, we were bumped up to a suite at the Kaya Prestige Hotel. In the evening, we laid in bed and watched some weird Turkish game shows-they were strange variations of popular ones in the states. And what a fantastic view of the city and the beach we had!

7Churches Day1 (32)

But somehow, our view also included a view of a balcony covered in toilets and sinks! At this point, I’m thinking maybe the balcony toilets in Turkey and Greece are a norm…


UNESCO World Heritage Site, PAMUKKALE “Cotton Castle” is like a dream. White pillows of carbon build-up across the side of a mountain were covered in hot spring pools. We were required to remove our shoes and leave them at the edge of the site. As we walked across the dream-like hillside, the varying textures of warm wet mud, thick soupy pools, and hardened calcium deposits were therapeutic. The entire mountain is not covered in these deposits, only part of it. On top of the hill is an expansive graveyard. There are also several things placed around for the tourists, such as a lazy river, a few restaurants, and some ruins (of course). We stayed at a beautiful spa hotel near Pamukkale. The bottom level of the hotel was a natural hot springs pool (with a lot of old men in Speedos, I might add). It was kind of thick, soupy water with clumps of dirt or rock that was naturally heated…and pretty smelly. This hotel was lovely, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat: Richmond Pamukkale Thermal.





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