Ephesus was the biggest surprise. Before going on the Seven Churches of the Revelation trip, I had been told “Yeah…It’s just seven piles of rubble.” Some people are just ignorant! Ephesus was beautiful. The Temple of Hadrian was so ornate. I love stone carving, and the intricacies in the remains were remarkable. The library at the end of the path (the large building in the picture in the bottom left) was immense. There was a little bit of everything in Ephesus. Piles of terra cotta pipes, ruins of temples, marketplace, columns lining the road, statues, and more. Above the city on a hill was what our guide pointed out as a prison where Paul was held.


Outside of Ephesus were Basilica of Saint John, the House of Virgin Mary , and Temple of Artemis.


Make sure if you go to the Basilica of St. John to check out the baptismal areas and lean over the vent so you can feel the breath of St. John. Mary’s house is said to be the place St. John took her to live. At Mary’s house on Mount Nightingale there are some fountains from a natural spring that supposedly have healing properties. This “Holy Water,” a candle shrine, baptismal, and statues are scattered across the property. The Temple of Artemis didn’t have as much significance for me, but it was really neat to walk around the site!

House of Virgin Mary

Temple of Artemis

Our guide even took us to a rug making place and showed us how silk is hand pulled and rugs are woven. Momma got to try her hand at it. These rugs were beautiful and not cheap, so we went home empty handed, except for a couple of silk worm cocoons.

Rug Factory

Ephesus was so interesting-it was well worth going!


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